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Sycamore Associates, LLC was founded in 1980, and is honored to serve the Southwest with Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services that include: Commercial and Industrial Sales & Leasing, Business Park Development, Site Selection, Site Plan Review, Property Management and Consulting. Our business is built on relationships. With a goal to stay true to our core values, we continue to build and maintain our relationships through superior performance and local market insight. Our integrated approach delivers value to owners, investors and users of commercial and industrial real estate through innovation, market intelligence, and service delivered by our team of local experts.



About Us

At Sycamore Associates, our customer is our number one priority. We offer all of the following services to meet the customer's needs.

  1. Commercial and Industrial Sales & Leasing -

    Selecting a broker is extremely important as you should first feel comfortable with the people you are doing business with. It is also important to realize how important sales and marketing can be to getting your listing sold or leased. Working with Sycamore Associates you will get more than a property sign and a newspaper listing.Our team has been working in New Mexico State and Local Commercial and Industrial markets for over 30 years. We specializein serving the needs of Property Owners, Real Estate Investors and Tenants with personal service, attention to detail and a high regard for ethical dealings. Our team has the knowledge, experience and dedication to giving you and your property of interest, maximum exposure.

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Business Park Development -

An industrial park (also known as industrial estate, trading estate) is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. A more "lightweight" version is the business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry. Sycamore associates has worked with a broad Range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to expanding small businesses in finding a location that is cost effective and meets the customer's needs. We have Sale and Leasing options available in several Business Parks in the Albuquerque Market.

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Site Selection -

"Location, Location,Location" is a popular saying in real estate, but a lot more goes into finding a successful site. Successful site selection begins with the basics - traffic flow, market analysis, property size, and zoning restrictions, among other factors. Site selection considerations can vary widely. Our team will help you learn the basics, establish project objectives and guidelines and then venture into site selection for office, retail, restaurant, hotel, and warehouse properties.

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Site Plan Review -

The purpose of the Site Plan Review Process is to review site plans for specific types of development to ensure compliance with all appropriate land development regulations (LDRs) and consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.A site plan is the development plan for one (1) or more lots which shows the existing and proposed conditions of the lot, including; topography, vegetation, drainage, floodplains, waterways, open spaces, walkways, means of ingress and egress, utility services, landscaping, structures and signs, lighting, screening devices, and other information that reasonably may be required in order that an informed decision can be made by the approving authority.Site Plan reviews also consist of Modification of plans: Any proposed amendment, deviation or change to an approved final site plan or an approved final detail plan must be reviewed by the zoning official to determine whether the proposed change constitutes a minor or major modification.

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Leasing -

It's a basic fact that almost every business enterprise will enter into a lease for some type of commercial space at some point in time. It's also common for businesses to move to new locations every three to five years. Since the process itself begins with an evaluation of the tenant's own needs, continuing to look at the process from the tenant's perspective has proven to provide a continuity that is otherwise difficult for many to achieve.

Our expertise and understanding of the process, from a tenant's perspective, will ultimately save money, time and wasted effort. One of the core concepts of a successful negotiation requires that each party have knowledge and empathy with regard to the significant issues faced by the other. To that end, you will notice that when working with our team you will find a balanced perspective is provided on issues typically affecting negotiations between the landlord and tenant.

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Property Management -

The property manager is the owner's partner in maximizing the return on investment of the property through efficient performance of four functional areas of responsibility. The property management company acts in the best interests of the owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain records.

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